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One Magazine

8/2019 Review

“LORDES has a lot going for it. Giselle Gant’s Audre Lorde is a commanding, charismatic presence. The dialogue of Herron-Coward and Wilkinson is terrific – so terrific, I longed for a full-length play.”

Round The World Stage

8/2019 Review

“But this is not Adrienne’s story, it is completely Audre’s, the spotlight on the black not the white. The friendship in the play serves as a juxtaposition. Audre is more out of the closet, more daring with her writing, more politically active because she can conceive of no other way to be. Her poems are personal, a part of herself, flowing out of her and onto the paper. And womanhood is front and center, not just because she is feminine–it’s that she lives and breathes it. Sisterhood and motherhood–all of it–women feed her soul.”

Broadway World

1/2019 Press Release

“Jane Eyre hits close to home for Alida, and is one of her favorite books of all time. "It's amazing how Jane resonates with me now, in comparison to when I first discovered her in 11th grade. Her sheer independent will and resilient nature is outstanding. Jane's need to express everything in her heart, bubbles under the surface. It's both her strength and her weakness."

Constellation Magazine

8/2018 Vol. 3 Photo feature    

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People You Should Know

10/2017 Feature

D.C. Metro Theater Arts

10/2017 Night Witches Review

"Night Witches is one of those plays that is so well written that it draws you in immediately and refuses to let go until it has taken what it wants. The creativity and passion of its seven creators is obvious and should carry it far beyond its current incarnation... Moments of terror and joy are dispersed throughout and superbly acted."

FOX News D.C.

10/2017 Night Witches Feature


10/2017 Night Witches Interview

“The show now is quite different from the original show,” Delaney said. “It’s deeper, more settled, very scrappy, like the women in the regiment.”

The Yola Nash Show

9/2017 Night Witches Producer Interviews

(Interview starts at 2:00 minutes)

Broadway World

8/2017 Night Witches Press Release 

"We can't fit all of the incredible accounts from Anne Noggle's book into the play," says Co-Producer Alida Rose Delaney. "However, even recognizing the Night Witches place in history is keeping women's stories alive, especially in today's climate that tries to belittle female strength, empowerment, and capability. It's an exciting time to be a woman right now."

Constellation Magazine

3/2017 Vol. 1 Photo feature                         


8/2017 Pavilion Park feature

"Reviving a Rusted Relic"

Wall Street Journal

8/2016 Pavilion Park interview

"A 'Little Love' for Queens Pavilion"

Curbed NY

8/2016 Pavilion Park feature

"More than 250 proposals envisioning a new future for the World's Fair relic were submitted..."

Arch Paper

8/2016 Pavilion Park feature

"What would Philip Johnson think?"


8/2016 Pavilion Park feature

"A Look at the Winning Proposals"

Queens Gazette

8/2016 Pavilion Park winning feature

"Winners of Pavilion Idea Competition Unveiled" 

Inhabitat New York City 

8/2016 Pavilion Park feature

"World's Pavilion reimagined"

Times Ledger

8/2016 Pavilion Park feature

"Back to the Future"

Fastco Design

8/2016 Pavilion Park interview

"Could NYC's Aging World's Fair Relic Be the next High Line?"

"It was important that our Pavilion Park maintain much of Philip Johnson's original and one-of-a-kind design. . . We wanted the NYS Pavilion to reflect that of the surrounding park and play atmosphere, while also offering a space that can easily suit the various needs of New Yorkers."


8/2016 Pavilion Park feature

"New Uses for Philip Johnson's NYS Pavilion"